We live & breathe a culture of dreams, process & creativity. Our approach to each project is an opportunity to discover, learn, evolve, simplify, interpret, innovate and create. Strong creative partnerships are formed through our commitment, value, contribution & growth of our clients businesses. Our role as designer is not to give you the safe or predictable result. We sometimes challenge & redefine the project to enable us to explore the possibilities we strongly believe in, whilst always respecting the client’s decision. We believe ecology in design today, rests on the role of the designer as cultural architect, creating products with clear purpose, intelligent material appropriateness & function that arrest you with their beauty & promote a movement ‘against throwawayism’.


We partner with brands and clients from all around the globe to create successful outcomes.


A selection of our media.


2016 Nov - T.B.A (USA) 2015 Sep/Nov - Helen Kontouris solo exhibition – Design Tasmania (Australia) 2014 Feb - Women In Design (Australia) 2013/14 Nov/Mar - Melbourne Now. National Gallery of Victoria  (Australia) 2012 Sep - Museo Della Casa Brasiliana, (Brazil, South America) 2012 Apr - Teatro dell’Arte. Triennale di Milano (Italy) 2011 Aug - How We Create (Australia) 2011 Jul/Aug - Au.Thentic (Australia) 2011 Apr - Fondazione Cosmit Eventi (Italy) 2010 Aug - How We Create (Australia) 2010 Feb - Bombay Sapphire (Australia) 2010 Feb/Jun - London Design Museum (London) 2009 Nov - Bombay Sapphire (Australia) 2009 Aug - Saturday In Design (Australia) 2009 Apr - Salone del Mobile (Italy) 2009 Apr - Objects as artefacts (Australia) 2009 Mar/Sep - Cicely & Collin Rigg Design Award, NGV, (Australia) 2009 Apr - Fondazione Cosmit Eventi Permanent Collection (Italy) 2008 Oct - Design Tide (Tokyo) 2008 Aug - Saturday In Design (Australia) 2008 Apr - Salone del Mobile (Italy) 2007 Jul - Saturday In Design (Australia) 2007 Apr - A Dream Come True. From Inception to Production’ (Italy) 2006 Sep - Object Gallery (Australia) 2006 Jul - Saturday In Design (Australia) 2006 Jul - National Design Centre (Australia) 2006 Jun - Melbourne Museum (Australia) 2006 Feb - Object Gallery (Australia) 2005 Jul - Saturday in Design (Australia) 2005 Apr - Euroluce (Italy) 2004 Jul - Saturday in Design (Australia) 2004 Apr - Milan Furniture Fair - Salone Satellite (Italy) 2003 Apr - Milan Furniture Fair - Salone Satellite (Italy) 2003 Jan - Hybrid Objects. Melbourne Museum (Australia) 2002 Oct - Hybrid Objects. Tokyo Designers Block (Japan)