Limited Editions

Peter Schiavello from Schiavello commissioned Helen Kontouris to create the table centrepieces for their annual client Christmas dinner. The table gifts set the stage for the evening’s festivities and created an unforgettable experience for their guests.

With the collaboration of Porcelain Bear, Helen used cutting-edge rapid printing technology and the centuries-old techniques of slip-cast porcelain dating back to the 1700s to create a genuinely one-of-a-kind product. The result was a series of candelabra positioned in front of dinner guests, each with a small floral arrangement and the warm flickering light from long candles.

The table sculptures perfectly balance Helen’s cutting-edge approach with the traditional porcelain casting techniques, amplifying Helen Kontouris’ core values.

Each piece was meticulously crafted to make a lasting impression on the guests, and the result was truly extraordinary. The neutral pallet and the intricate details of each porcelain piece elevated the dining experience and captured the essence of Schiavello for the evening.

Helen’s passion for design and artistry shines through in each piece. Her collaboration with Porcelain Bear emphasises the importance of tradition and the blending of old and new techniques with a collaborative approach. This collaboration allowed her to express her philosophy of creating a luxurious blend of natural formations and contrasting textures designed to evoke emotional responses and facilitate social interaction.

The Christmas gifts were designed to be versatile, with each piece functioning individually or layered together to create a richer composition as a whole.

The guests were delighted to take the product home as a personal and hand-made gift from Schiavello, reminding them of the memorable evening and the exceptional quality and attention to detail put into each piece.

The table centrepieces created for the annual Schiavello Christmas Dinner were a testament to Helen’s passion for design and artistry and her dedication to creating authentic luxury experiences. The evening celebrated the beauty and versatility of porcelain casting and was a testament to the limitless freedom of artistic expression.